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safe1726115 artist:calicopikachu116 rainbow dash236100 spitfire13587 pegasus299616 pony986400 g41571 artifact1094 blushing200835 cloud31303 cloudy6123 contrail69 crepuscular rays2986 cute202756 cutefire224 dashabetes9506 day1378 eyes closed95523 falling2717 female1380504 first lesbian picture on derpibooru1 first rainbow dash picture on derpibooru1 first shipping picture on derpibooru1 first spitfire picture on derpibooru1 floppy ears53171 flying38739 hug28685 kissing24995 lesbian98045 mare490481 omote renge1 one of the first11 rainbow4606 rainbow trail664 shipping202717 signature25858 sky14528 skyfall17 spitdash434 spread wings55684 sun6792 sunlight1201 sunshine248 surprise kiss799 surprised9411 sweet dreams fuel1612 wide eyes17206


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Background Pony #4CA3
The first Rainbow Dash picture on derpibooru. And it's a Lesbo-Dash pic. With Spitfire, of course. So, why the hell is there STILL not a lesbian Rainbow Dash tag of some kind????

I Love You!
R.I.P probaly, atleast they died happy kissing themselfs thinks that once at sport/school we gotta go under the people in front, was the only boy in my team hell yeah