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the one posted originally is broken.
safe1637779 artist:chibi-jen-hen56 applejack164432 fluttershy205496 pinkie pie209777 rainbow dash226402 rarity175805 twilight sparkle291550 earth pony223522 pegasus265390 pony903546 unicorn294698 female1303719 flying36131 freckles26779 hat81641 heart45417 looking at you156530 mane six30822 mare449007 one eye closed27921 pony pile708 pony pyramid36 rainbow4255 signature21390 smiling229855 tower of pony204 wink23168


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Background Pony #566A
It's a shame that she was missing from the actual cheer, for that matter, it's a shame she was missing from most of the episode.