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safe1657109 artist:ziom05101 snails5231 snips4148 trixie65712 pony921461 unicorn303286 ursa minor592 beard3462 canterlot5533 cape9883 clothes441863 color porn1064 elf ears1870 epic1356 female1320344 hat83126 hilarious in hindsight3109 incorporeal16 levitation11612 magic70805 magic aura3736 magic staff72 male356742 mare457632 older25402 older snails76 older snips94 scissors1076 staff2876 stallion102568 technically advanced100 telekinesis26653 trixie's cape3630 trixie's hat4429 weapon29427 windswept mane2727 wizard627


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Background Pony #5342
Oh god, Snips and Snails. I'm dying of laughter right now. Amazing pic btw, incredibly detailed.
Moonlight Shadow

This is strange… I remember ALMOST reading a story once with this as its picture… though I never read it since I was in such a rush and it was before i got an account on FF.