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safe1616823 artist:merionminor38 pinkie pie207606 bat pony45068 earth pony216400 pony884630 :o3518 blank flank7253 colt13767 covering ears96 eeee500 face down ass up7560 fangs22869 floppy ears47874 flying35607 forest9366 frown21843 glare8059 gritted teeth10874 male344220 open mouth130050 raised hoof40799 screaming3092 screech68 spread wings49697 sweetie derelle172 underhoof48141 uvula1816 wide eyes16365 wings87995


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18 comments posted
Background Pony #9D05
I don't blame him. I would scream if I came face to face with Pinkie's ass.
Background Pony #663E
Oh, OK.

Also, new headcanon: Bat ponies can let off ultrasonic screeches to stun and temporarily deafen their opponents.