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Luna: "She may be evil but she's still royalty! It was the sensible thing to do."

Cadance: "Inviting a love-draining shapeshifter is sensible?"

Luna: "Would you rather give her an excuse to be mad at us?"

Cadance: "…no I guess not."
safe1749238 artist:omny87351 princess cadance33130 princess luna100744 queen chrysalis35438 shining armor23638 alicorn232683 changeling49739 changeling queen17664 pony1009421 unicorn341835 braces1343 cheerleader2843 clothes475455 comic111423 dialogue67904 dork3863 dorkalis176 female1400800 glowing horn20491 goth2299 hair over one eye9318 hoof shoes5755 horn77370 looking at each other21413 magic75330 male387616 mare501642 motley crue6 open mouth154011 slice of life1405 stallion115561 tea3124 telekinesis28687 this explains everything58 unshorn fetlocks27118 wing piercing260


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Maybe this was a bit of an inspiration, but I think this comic is hilarious (or should I saw awesome?) in hindsight, with the release of that Ask Teen Chrysalis blog XD
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Trötley Crüe? I don't get it. Is it a music band or something?

By the way, this comic is HILARIOUS, specially the fourth panel. XDDDD
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I'm putting this in the Luna is secretly evil folder. To be clear, I've two folders: She is evil and it was the present, and she isn't evil and it was a vision of the past. I'm still unsure which to keep, is why I keep both in my head. ;)