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Twilight "Twily" Sparkle: Little Sister, Cookie Jar Acquisitor, Scapegoat, Distraction.

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safe (1501216) artist:dm29 (1627) shining armor (20958) twilight sparkle (272057) twilight velvet (3599) pony (778402) unicorn (233352) aweeg* (301) awww (90) comic (95388) cookie (3109) cookie jar (294) cute (162898) cutemail (9) emotional control (1) feels (1505) female (825321) filly (55307) filly twilight sparkle (2311) floppy ears (43795) food (55898) julian yeo is trying to murder us (244) magic (61416) magic aura (2301) male (281781) manipulation (48) mare (374629) nom (2733) puppy dog eyes (600) puppy face (7) right in the feels (16) telekinesis (22628) the feels (14) twiabetes (9235) twilight stealing a cookie (16) twily (93) unicorn twilight (9519) vector (69392) weapons-grade cute (2921) younger (14615)


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General rule of laying out a comic is, if you need arrows to tell the reader how to read the comic then you need to change the layout. The arrows are a bit distracting. A comic should be able to be read intuitevely without any directions.
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Planeswalker — FoME
"Aww… You're still both in trouble."
"But… but look at the cute!"
"I see the cute, Shining. Shoving your sister in my face doesn't mean you aren't in trouble."