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semi-grimdark30376 artist:niban-destikim402 applejack173236 donut joe804 fluttershy217201 gustave le grande243 mulia mild127 pinkie pie220116 rainbow dash238521 rarity185548 twilight sparkle306057 donkey1946 earth pony265727 griffon27987 pegasus308961 pony1010016 unicorn342084 mmmystery on the friendship express683 abuse8066 action pose1199 angry28056 badass3308 bait and switch650 bipedal36193 boop7598 bruised1648 circling stars459 comic111450 covering4029 crying44800 deerstalker283 eye contact6604 facehoof1779 female1401390 fight6298 floppy ears54476 flutterbadass783 glare8303 gritted teeth13203 hat90299 male387833 mane six32557 mare501935 martial arts419 missing teeth121 noseboop2912 offscreen beatdown5 on back25029 open mouth154171 panting3004 pinkiebuse512 scared10757 spread wings57023 stallion115656 stuttering120 sweat27623 the naked gun8 tongue out108191 unconscious513 wide eyes17390


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Valiant Spiral

Chaos Within Harmony
Known fact: she may be extremely skittish and quiet…but Fluttershy can kick your ass while making damn sure you fall in love with her all over again in the meantime.