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Yet One More Idiot's avatar
Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
Well even now, I for one have never had any real problems with IE, right from back when I was using Internet Explorer v2 or 3, back in the mid-90s. I’m still using IE11 now.

When support for IE11 does eventually cease (at some point), I hope there will by that time be an IE12, or I guess that I’ll just have to go over to Chrome… =shrug=
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Background Pony #C485
Another thing is that Safari is super energy efficient on a Macbook, how does that fit into Twilight’s personality?
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Duck - Shills for Shillary

Yeah if you have One of those fancy new UEFI Jobies (Win8.x OEM Boxes) you might want to hold off on that.. Though its neigh impossible for Windows (OS)-X to get any worse then Win8.x I suppose there’s a chance of it. And, from what I understand it alters the UEFI Firmware in such a way as to make reverting back to Windows 7 virtually impossible…

Thankfully I’m still stuck on some ancient Tech that’s still has a BIOS in it. So it won’t likely affect me. But, I guess that’s how you shift a number of lUsers along.

This said I’m gonna take a chill approach to Windows (OS)-X for now like I had with 8.x, and wait for the overall opinion(s) to flood the ’net. Besides the Threat that this is the first step into Windows as a Service is still very much a real thing, and to my knowledge MicroSoft have yet to refute it. Yeah Windows (OS)-X is only free (as an Upgrade), for the first Year… And, then for the life-time of the OS…

Thing is MicroSoft seem to want to start copy-pasta’ing the like of Ubuntu with a Bi-Annual release cycle. whether they can, or eventually will is not known yet. But, I fail to see this as a good thing.
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Duck - Shills for Shillary

Its not, its only in Technical Preview cough Beta cough at the moment. Windows OSX isn’t due to go RTM till sometime this Fall… Which means you can probably expect it in shops ’round early December, or January next Year.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)

Aaahhh… oh. Right.

Anyway, nothing has been revealed, except that the final name will contain "Microsoft". Most bet that it will include "Edge" too, EdgeHTML being the name of the new rendering engine.
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