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safe (1446755)artist:mowza2k2 (24)ace (297)aloe (2289)angel bunny (8726)apple bloom (44139)applejack (149601)berry punch (5836)berryshine (5833)big macintosh (25510)blues (882)bon bon (14794)braeburn (5713)caramel (2243)carrot cake (1915)carrot top (4921)cheerilee (8906)cotton cloudy (349)cup cake (3496)davenport (104)derpy hooves (46170)diamond tiara (9156)dinky hooves (4052)dj pon-3 (26866)doctor whooves (9606)donut joe (712)dumbbell (564)fluttershy (186197)gilda (8608)golden harvest (4919)granny smith (4704)gummy (4627)hoity toity (914)holly dash (112)hoops (376)lotus blossom (2437)lyra heartstrings (26349)madden (22)mayor mare (2870)minuette (5065)mr breezy (47)mr. greenhooves (50)night light (1768)noi (546)noteworthy (883)nurse redheart (3017)octavia melody (21156)opalescence (1893)owlowiscious (1836)philomena (984)photo finish (2417)pinkie pie (190988)pokey pierce (1223)prince blueblood (3587)princess celestia (84467)princess luna (88767)quarterback (169)rainbow dash (206019)rarity (159460)roseluck (4369)ruby pinch (1132)sapphire shores (943)savoir fare (99)scootaloo (47040)sheriff silverstar (219)silver spoon (5885)snails (4940)snips (3770)soarin' (12646)spike (69500)spitfire (12142)steven magnet (533)sunny daze (258)sunshower raindrops (2109)sweetie belle (44348)sweetie drops (14783)time turner (9593)trixie (56865)twilight sky (103)twilight sparkle (263714)twilight velvet (3472)twist (2678)vinyl scratch (30960)winona (2289)zecora (8049)earth pony (154458)pony (714511)bar (1050)cast (219)color (1620)cutie mark crusaders (16488)everypony (347)horte cuisine (58)male (263451)mane six (26932)minimalist (1627)reference sheet (8697)score (235)spa twins (1184)stallion (75174)


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Van Horsing
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Oh, fuck. I don’t have a way to prove it, but the artist tag is incorrect. I’m the one who made this extended version. I originally posted it way back on Ponychan(before I migrated to Ponibooru) in some thread about the original one by stoneth, and then somebody else posted it on Ponibooru while I was still an anon there:
I put a lot of time into this. Is there anyone who remembers me from Ponibooru who can vouch that I’m not a random troll? Probably not.

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