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safe (1429881)artist:lance (122)applejack (147936)flash sentry (10955)princess cadance (28123)princess celestia (83685)queen chrysalis (29369)rainbow dash (204018)rarity (157727)shining armor (20102)trixie (56091)twilight sparkle (260651)alicorn (163735)pony (698654)blushing (153902)cake (7938)cakelestia (923)colored pupils (7529)dialogue (50684)female (760628)flashlight (2372)implied gay (1014)lesbian (81959)mare (335630)pointy ponies (2817)princess of love (93)princess of shipping (102)rarijack (6026)royal guard (6456)shipper on deck (1323)shipping (164604)shipping chart (103)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102190)with great power comes great shipping (19)


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Background Pony #A6D3
As basically pony cupid, this is kinda part of her job, you’d think.

Celestia/Cake FTW!
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✨Draw more Fleetfoot✨
Pfft, my headcanon is she has Shining wrapped around her horn, magically. Poor guy just really never knew what hit him; the only time he wasn’t mind-slaved to Cadance he was mind-slaved to Chrysalis disguised as Cadance.
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