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Bon Bon: "I let you get away with this only because we don't sell Trixie here."
Trixie: "Yes, you do. Trixie has a price tag to prove it. And Trixie is not quite affordable."
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My gripe: just because it has a 10 item limit doesn't mean you need to buy 10 gigantic, bulky items that take forever to scan.
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As if cashiers actually do anything about the people who come into a 10 item line with a clearly higher amount. As both a shopper and an associate, I confirm that this rarely happens…
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I count 10 without trixie,

1. Grape Jelly
2. Soap in the violet paper.
3. Bread.
4. Whatever that white package next to the bread is.
5. Whatever is in the green and yellow box.
6. Whatever is in the yellow and orange box.
7. The orange pitcher.
8. The indigo container in the back.
9. Paper towel roll.
10. Paper towel roll.
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Having twelve checkout posts doesn't mean you constantly have twelve cashiers operating them. The store I work in has five registers, but we normally only have a cashier at one or two of them.
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We (America) usually have 12+ checkout lanes in large stores. One or two of them are express lanes so those who have only a few items can get through quicker. The rest are invariably packed with people with full carts who need a price check and have kids running riot.
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I think the X items or less was created so people with a little bit of items don't have to wait behind someone with 2 carts worth of things.
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i don't undestand the "x items or less" BS…that doesn't exist here! as long you can pay it, you can take all what you want…