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>not converting swf to fla and exporting the fla to pngs to an animated gif  
dead source34389 explicit416967 artist:zed001151 fluttershy238133 pegasus406418 pony1322904 animated112985 bukkake3256 cum93564 cumming27859 cumsplosion159 cute236127 cute porn6721 endless orgasm180 excessive cum3729 eyes on the prize6283 facial9623 female1602861 filly84720 filly fluttershy839 foalcon20500 gif41440 hair over one eye11136 happy38354 hnnng2626 licking lips5092 male459687 nudity452117 orgasm15446 outdoors16029 penis187470 premature ejaculation283 pulsating54 raised hoof59817 show accurate23288 show accurate porn8860 shyabetes16969 smiling331080 spontaneous orgasm617 spread wings75382 stallion on filly1084 straight159537 surprise facial21 surprised11274 throbbing805 tongue out128533 wingboner9089 younger20244


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Background Pony #E6F4
You will get a simillar reaction if you ejaculate on the face of a real horse.
Background Pony #0E15
okay, fucking shame on the uploader for putting that LOSER’S name in the text description. >:(