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safe1725254 artist:doublewbrothers498 applejack171393 fluttershy214706 rainbow dash236022 scootaloo51554 spike79439 tank2747 dragon57394 earth pony255935 koopa troopa43 pegasus299259 pony985588 tortoise685 yoshi358 bipedal35286 bowser294 bowspike6 clothes466571 comic110108 cosplay28084 costume27951 female1379795 filly68044 flutterpeach12 high res31043 luigi748 luijack4 male379459 mare490098 maridash158 mario1625 nintendo3591 princess peach487 super mario bros.4026


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Post-Tanks for the Memories, I see two things to comment on:
The emotional devastation she'd feel over killed turtles.
How her racist conflation of all reptiles makes Spike's casting harsher in hindsight. (Maybe not enough for the tag, but still.)
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Too bad Doublewbrothers had to take down the original upload, supposedly due to "copyright" BS… even though it's FREAKING DEVIANTART.

It's-a me, Rainbow!
It's-a me, Rainbow!
So I'm off to find the princess
Magic Mushroom, make-a me tall
Then I take a pretty flower
It-a give me fireball
But the turtle, he-a touch me
And I'm back to being small
And I've got-ta be a-careful not to…

It's-a me, Rainbow!
It's-a me, Rainbow!
I'm-a jumping on the goomba
And I make 'em go a squish
Then I'm swimming underwater
with the pesky jellyfish
These-a two-a Hammer Brothers
They are difficult to kill
And the cannons, they a-shoot the Bullet Bill

Now I run away from Lakitu, who chase me in the cloud
Try to go inside the tunnel, but-a no, I'm not allowed
Climb-a the veens, take-a the coins
And now I'm really on a roll
When I finish, slide the flag-a down the pole

I'm invincible!
I'm invincible!
Now I touch a-you and a-you dying
Cause I'm invincible!
Oh, dee turtles and goombas or ghosts
I'm like, "Back off, I'm eating a ghost!"
I'm invincible!
So invincible!

Now I jump up on the ceiling, cause this level really tough
I a-take a-magic portal zone that skip a lot of stuff
I love finding you a princess and-a make-a you my wife
On my way I got to chase the extra life

It's a me, Rainbow!
It's a me, Rainbow!
Now I reach the final castle, it's-in-a Bowser's evil lair
Such a terrible hassle, there's a-lava everywhere
I defeat a-you, the Koopa King, but never it-a fall
You, I jump, I run, and look, a-no more floor!

(Flutterhsy) You came for me!
(Rainbow) It's a-me!
(Fluttershy) You came for me!
(Rainbow) Let's a-get out of here!
(Fluttershy) You came for me!
(Rainbow) You is-a free now!
(Fluttershy) You came for me!
(Rainbow) Thanks to Rainbow!
(Fluttershy) And now that you've taken a rest
It is time to begin your next quest

It's a-me, Rainbow!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Something's gumming up the plumbing,
Poor A.J.'s in a bind,
Timberwolves out to get her,
Windigoes are right behind,
Parasprites holy cripes, they're all coming out the pipes!
"Raaaaiinnbooww where are you?"
Beau Skunky
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Artist -

Cute wittle skunku
Hehe Scoots is Yoshi. You'd think Rarity would like the dress though.

@Chilly Pepper
Well, there's that one moment in the game "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" where they had to fix the BeanBean castle's plumbing in one event.

It was also implied they were plumbers in the arcade "Mario Bros." (1983 game, not to be confused with "SUPER Mario Bros.") and working on defeating monsters in the sewers. Though, I heard Miyamoto himself never considered Mario a "plumber," and doesn't give Mario any backstory, so the players can have their own for him.
So whether it's canon, or not is up to the fans.
Background Pony #432E
The intro to Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (or Luigi's Mansion 2 for you Europeans) shows Luigi has a trophy of some kind showing an excellence in plumbing skills, so I guess all the plumbing work is just un-shown between games.