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Episode 8: Milky Way
explicit326568 artist:hazama115 artist:livesmutanon667 octavia melody22913 oc625830 oc:anon11194 oc:milky way2089 human146350 comic:based anon337 equestria girls187225 /mlp/9267 4chan6629 4chan screencap2588 armpits41786 blushing182262 boob freckles948 breasts253696 clothes425221 comic103226 compilation527 crying40974 female1284555 femsub9754 freckles26132 happy sex1951 heart44554 human penis10895 humanized96356 humanized oc2268 impregnation2670 kissing23017 lactation5447 leaking1714 male343156 master526 milk4053 milk squirt1032 nipples151229 nudity343036 panties47281 panties around leg892 penetration52218 penis141679 sex111125 shipping188111 straight127650 submissive14881 suckling2441 teasing3472 tip tease261 underwear56987 vagina46782 vaginal36023 vulva116986


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15 comments posted

Magical world where ponies often have talents with barely any explanation as to why. She produces milk from teats of ridiculous size for her kind.
Logic has no place here.

Logically, if she wants to produce milk, she'd have to have already been impregnated recently… or at least once. It's rare for females to produce much milk without having been pregnant.