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23 comments posted
Background Pony #9E75
I can’t believe this is the only post on this site with the tag "derpycestuna"

I can’t believe that, to this day, there’s only been one other post with that tag!
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Background Pony #8B30
New headcanon: the extreme facial expression that occurred from climaxing during a three-way with the rulers of the sun and moon left a permanent mark.
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TheDog's avatar
Wallet After Summer Sale

Not a Good Day
Derpy’s got it right. Because when you have a three-way with both rulers of your country who are also sisters at the same time, you don’t smoke a plain old cigarette.

You smoke a goddamn pipe!
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mystik671's avatar
Go out and party with your student and her friends: 10 bits
Drink strong cider with your sister after 1000 year: 20 bits
Wake up in bed with your sister and Derpy the next day: Priceless
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