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Tumblr (September 30, 2016 at 4:32:28 AM UTC)

dead source47203 safe2208438 artist:magnaluna1263 princess celestia114300 twilight sparkle362706 alicorn322085 pony1638832 g42063434 blushing281540 colored wings15567 colored wingtips3166 cute270868 cutelestia4338 duo183440 duo female35345 eyes closed142362 female1841910 horn210000 lesbian119622 looking at someone17901 mare765791 open mouth245235 open smile34366 peytral8130 ship:twilestia2835 shipping258766 smiling410260 twiabetes15635 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151489 wings232927


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Background Pony #235D
“That’s an… interesting display of flexibility, Princess, but I think I’ll stick to wiping my mouth with a napkin. Pinkie? Bring out the caramel apples!”