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✧︎ She hide you in the Dark
✧︎ She protect you in the Dreams
✧︎ In the End she won’t let your Soul get lost
✧︎ She is…Goddess of the Night
Some fanart for Luna and my small headcanon! In this Sisters after while time become Gods and transform to their god-versions [kinda ultimate alicorn]. They leave Equestria and begin living in Somewhere in the Universe, probably like literally part of this. Each of Sisters became after this as epitome of specific things.
• Luna is goddess and epitome of Night, Star Constellations, Night Dreams and… Death. She is protector of everypony in Moonlight, kinda a shepherd of Stars. She is proteting from nightmares [literally, not my hc species lol] and after life she accompanies pony’s soul to Another World [like their Eden or something else].
And, of course, Luna changing her exterior!
• Luna’s coat now has multiple marking. Her dark spot on croup growed to all back, wings and touching neck to top head and shoulders, around moon of c.m. has sparkles. Also she has light marking in moon and stars forms. Her legs’ fur is levitating, mane becomes more airy and looks more like magic which resembling hair than hair itself. Oh! Sky on her wings is actually moving! Also her dark marking, wings and mane are sparking with stars and in mane she has constellations [they’re can be different].
An she has white eyes with cold-blue glowing ~
Main difference is that Luna is no longer seen among ordinary ponies. She is usually only seen in Dreams. Princesses (Twilight, Cadence and others like that) can communicate with her. Also, sometimes Luna’s silhouette can be noticed on face of full moon.
You will learn about reincarnation of Celestia later, when I finish her :3
Here is! Hope you like it ^^
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safe2207543 artist:dementra369528 princess luna118690 alicorn321867 bat pony76727 bat pony alicorn3455 pony1637875 g42062756 alternate design6541 crescent moon2893 curved horn11965 ear tufts1844 eyes closed142260 fangs41361 female1840870 fetlock tuft653 full body8214 goddess704 horn209490 horn jewelry1042 hybrid wings499 jewelry117500 leg jewelry1 mare765149 moon32024 night38861 night sky3082 night sky background16 sky24119 sky background813 solo1453340 standing26818 tangible heavenly object1631 wings232655


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