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The sun was bright, the sky was a brilliant blue, and waves of turquoise blue crashed onto the golden beach. Across the this golden sand three fillies charged across laughing, giggling, and general having a grand time. Behind them three mares followed and called after them.
“Sweetie dear don’t run so fast!” Rarity called out forlornly.
“Applebloom! Ya three don’t go run out of sight! Y’all hear me?” Applejack yelled .
“Hey Scoots! If you find an awesome spot point it out for us!” Rainbow Dash shouted.
This was the first drawing I started my recent Picarto stream. The theme was Fun in the Sun, and the CMC seem to be enjoying a day at the beach.

safe2211206 artist:baron engel2756 apple bloom60892 scootaloo59473 sweetie belle57452 earth pony520856 pegasus513502 unicorn556193 anthro368758 unguligrade anthro66616 g42065934 apple bloom's bow3593 beach ball2134 bow46377 clothes651002 cutie mark crusaders22705 female1845307 floaty741 hair bow26666 horn211596 implied applejack1118 implied rainbow dash1615 implied rarity1630 inflatable unicorn60 inner tube1196 monochrome177214 one-piece swimsuit6575 pencil drawing11627 pool toy1326 running8280 surfboard1101 swimsuit40343 the cutie mark crusaders beach ball6 traditional art145494 trio28358 trio female6319 two-piece swimsuit262


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And this is why Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack are my favourite trio. They probably had sidejobs as Lifeguards, especially Rarity and AJ to make sure their sisters don’t battle sharks or anything. But the crusaders may be kind of a handful, but they are sweet kids. And let’s just say Rainbow Dash and her mom Windy Whistles made Scootaloo officially part of the Dash family.