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Taking Pinkie Pie out for ice cream on a hot day can get expensive, but then again who wouldn’t want to treat this short stack cutie to whatever she wants?
Enjoy the fattest of Pinkie butts. <3

suggestive193325 artist:longinius947 pinkie pie259602 earth pony519695 anthro368052 unguligrade anthro66488 g42063431 alternate hairstyle38917 ass81849 balloonbutt6745 big breasts129458 blushing281523 braid10356 braided pigtails422 breasts400394 busty pinkie pie14658 butt238006 clothes649547 dialogue96185 fat29447 huge breasts59954 huge butt17188 ice cream shop39 impossibly large breasts24092 large butt35134 microskirt786 miniskirt6997 monochrome177051 obese15710 offscreen character53988 open mouth245213 open smile34355 panties65008 pigtails6869 pointing5862 pudgy pie2035 shoes61410 shortstack624 sideboob14372 skirt57289 smiling410228 speech bubble41353 sweat41909 the ass was fat21506 thighs29326 thunder thighs17053 traditional art145326 underwear80444 upskirt7530 wedgie1759


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