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A petty Kirin lays in wake..

safe2207651 artist:icey148 autumn blaze5530 cinder glow1211 summer flare1209 kirin15650 g42062816 2 panel comic3748 comic137446 cross-popping veins2867 dialogue96157 duo183108 duo female35238 emanata3394 female1841005 floppy ears74813 heat297 high res409867 implied cuddling2 looking at you267358 speech bubble41327 summer2233 winter is coming81


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The MLP Lover-Fan
@Background Pony #2924
What? No! The word ‘meteorological’ exists in the dictionary book, remember? Do you people still know that word matters.
Astronomical summer started June 20th and meteorological summer started June 1st. There’s a difference.
The summer months are June, July and August. Simple.
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The Most Exotic of Butts
I’d still cuddle up with a kirin for sure, but I’m also Australian and used to the heat :D
still be less dangerous than anything else in Australia during summer too
Background Pony #6CBB
winter is coming
99,9 % … 100 % … ??? %
kirin village has been set in fires
EEEvil creatures are standing in flames MENACINGLY
only cuddles can extinguish these flames
just a tuesday
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Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
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Badge Dragon
Is the implication that she will eagerly make up for missed cuddles come Winter, or that she’ll deprive them of Winter cuddles out of spite?