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Zipp reluctantly agrees to be part of Pipp’s new livestream inside a prison

safe2207804 artist:hakaina413 pipp petals21959 zipp storm17745 pegasus511874 anthro367912 unguligrade anthro66475 g579356 belly46890 belly button113741 blushing281415 cellphone8238 clothes649326 collarbone740 commissioner:rainbowdash69243 cuffed293 cuffs6583 diadem632 duo183192 duo female35267 embarrassed15703 female1841204 front knot midriff1779 handcuffed519 jail738 jewelry117559 midriff24945 never doubt rainbowdash69's involvement369 phone12776 pipp is short683 police uniform830 prison1139 prison outfit1727 prisoner1187 prisoner zipp64 regalia37926 royal sisters (g5)3146 shackles2549 siblings23204 sisters18919 skinny pipp263 slender9144 smartphone5501 sternocleidomastoid2046 thin13037 unshorn fetlocks49199 wing cuffs87 wings232760 zipp is tall131


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@Background Pony #8F3E
officer Pipp is irresistible! kudos for Hakaina for coming up with the cute uniform design
I appreciate the comment, most Anthro G5 art is AI art too and that might discourage a lot of people. I am excited to see what art you produce! hopefully the G5 fandom keeps growing
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Writin' cringy comments
Besides your weird fetish/obsession, I’m actually happy that you sometimes commish safe g5 anthro. There are sadly very few artist/commisioners that draw/do that.
I’m making a start on drawing anthro, but yeah, because of distractions it takes me a lot of time.
(And now I see that the characters on other images have the same clothes. LOL)
PS. I love how Hakkaina draws these hooves