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safe2211983 artist:pabbley2806 lyra heartstrings34559 pony1642144 unicorn556520 g42066514 anthrophilia2 bronybait3442 cute271415 dialogue96443 drool35625 female1846185 heart79562 heart eyes30899 hooves together890 horn211984 implied anon1014 implied belly rubs22 implied hoof holding6 looking at you268623 lyrabetes1796 open mouth246043 open smile34677 smiling411769 smiling at you28179 solo1457448 stuttering230 text92468 that pony sure does love humans263 wingding eyes42196


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So many ideas of what one may do with your lovely mare before marrying her~
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@Background Pony #83AB
The first time it happens it can be kind of startling. But then you hope for it again. When they do it, especially if your horse has been going through some hard injury or recovery where they’ve been dealing with pain or stiffness and you’re the bastard that has to “make them stretch” or “make them walk to the left when you know it hurts them”, it’s kind of like a horsey hug that lets you know it’s ok and they still love you anyway.
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Background Pony #83AB
Horses share breath as a bonding activity. It involves breathing in (through the nose because horses can only breath through their noses) when they breathe out and vice versa, they’re known to do it with humans they trust on occasion.
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