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safe2186596 artist:maren2000 princess celestia113219 princess luna117673 alicorn316903 pony1615902 gamer luna2907 g42042702 cake12980 cake slice113 cakelestia1336 cheek bulge573 commission118728 crown30223 duo173935 duo female32108 eating13639 eyeshadow30641 female1816353 food102240 fork1278 glowing19486 glowing horn29323 herbivore2860 high res408424 hoof hold13136 hoof shoes9933 horn196966 jewelry114670 lidded eyes48715 long horn1639 magnetic hooves290 makeup41086 mare750093 messy eating1669 nintendo switch864 open mouth240164 peytral7699 plate2792 princess shoes1313 regalia36866 royal sisters6807 siblings22389 simple background603070 sisters18347 sternocleidomastoid1848 that pony sure does love cakes96 white background164544


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Background Pony #7720
I just love the way they’re drawn here <3 such a nice pic of best princesses ^^
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Oh, come on, Luna. Celestia can get you a cake next time. You still have a chance for cake. Most princesses in Equestria love cake, to be honest.