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Tumblr (February 27, 2024 at 7:21:16 PM UTC)
🌈✨Power of Friendship✨🌈
There will always be Darkness in the World
But also always be those who find the Ligh
Together we worked to bring Harmony to the World
But there will always be more to d
Which is why we teach others about the Magic of Friendship
Others who will continue our mission after we are gon
And the more who understand how powerful Friendship is
The stronger we will all be, Together
< I paraphrased this from the G4 Season finale >
< i’ll have this at Emerald City Comic Con too >
#mlp #artist alley #my little pony #mlp art #mlp fanart #my little pony art #mlp g4 #mlp g5 #emerald city comic con #eccc 2024 #eccc
Twitter (February 27, 2024 at 6:33:52 PM UTC)
🌈✨Power of Friendship✨🌈
I drew all the ponies and dragons just for you.
< i’ll have this at #eccc #eccc2024 #eccc24 #emeraldcitycomiccon too >
#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpfim #pony #mlpg5 #mlpg4 #mylittleponyart #mlpart

safe2198428 artist:justasuta121 applejack202485 fluttershy261268 hitch trailblazer14274 izzy moonbow22242 misty brightdawn9045 pinkie pie258502 pipp petals21718 rainbow dash282967 rarity219579 sparky sparkeroni4083 spike93041 sunny starscout22294 twilight sparkle361211 zipp storm17543 alicorn319589 dragon87097 earth pony515084 pegasus507765 pony1628887 unicorn550081 g42054311 g578354 applejack's hat15021 bracelet16125 cowboy hat26496 female1830027 freckles45198 grin64023 hat126532 hitch and his 2nd heroine52 horn204141 izzy and her heroine149 jewelry116235 male559756 mane five4325 mane seven (g5)268 mane six37869 mane six (g5)1078 mane stripe sunny7884 mare758572 misty and her 2nd heroine13 one eye closed46641 open mouth242829 open smile33413 phone12689 pipp and her heroine78 race swap22102 rebirth misty4212 smiling406115 sparky and his hero35 spread wings97461 stallion199786 sunny and her heroine414 sunnycorn1976 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150815 wings229819 zipp and her heroine68


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Background Pony #743B
The fact that it’s an official image makes it so much better, i love that this is real