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Misty, the Kernel Queen
Popcorn for the popcorn queen!

safe2200575 artist:ahobobo304 izzy moonbow22304 misty brightdawn9090 pony1631034 unicorn551106 semi-anthro23042 g578609 my little pony: tell your tale26330 belly46125 belly button113107 big belly20227 bracelet16158 dialogue95687 duo179929 duo female34190 eating13800 fat29340 feeding1682 female1832454 fetish58212 food103210 friendship bracelet944 hoof hold13332 horn205368 jewelry116480 mare760225 misty butterball14 open mouth243305 open smile33619 pale belly3350 partially submerged755 popcorn2038 rebirth misty4239 round belly703 smiling406928 solo focus30317 speech bubble40990 stuffed belly1006 stuffing1784 tail107545 that pony sure does love popcorn44 thighs29111 thunder thighs16891 unshorn fetlocks48766


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Badge Dragon
(OP here) This upload is a higher quality/resolution, taken from their Furaffinity as opposed to Deviantart.
I don’t process dupes towards my own uploads cause conflict of interest, but you can see the comparison here.