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Can I get a wheat bread longfoot spicy Italian, with extra lettuce and pickle, and uh… sauce, barbecue and mayo, and lemon wih no ice please

safe2197799 artist:theuser83 derpibooru exclusive41063 princess cadance40527 alicorn319453 pony1628250 g42053700 cash register335 cashier97 clothes644790 display case88 eyebrows25841 eyebrows visible through hair12594 fast food425 fast food uniform4 female1829230 food103021 hat126452 high res409233 mare758183 offscreen character53418 qr code263 raised hoof71485 shirt41638 solo1445526 speech bubble40865 subway (restaurant)66 uniform17019


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its the year 1000 ah (after harmony) the monarchy has been desolved and the immortal alicorns now walk among us, living normal lives, working normal jobs…
edit: also totaly should make a version of this with chrysi working at mcdonalds…i totaly dont want that just so i can make a ‘the devil is a part timer’ joke…
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I still don’t get people who wait a long time in the queue, but don’t use that time to think about what they actually want to order. They not only waste others’ time, but even their own time.
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Oh, and a refill on my cola, plz.
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Just give them a ship, with a big helping of ship, and ship on the side. Let them know you can super ship it for just one buck more, and there’s ship sauce over by the soda machine if they want.
If it’s a shipping burrito, ask if they want some hawt shipping sauce with that.