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I never stopped practicing love and tolerance, and same with the fandom in general, there’s just a bit more assholes now than before, but nothing to worry about. Nobody is stopping anyone from practicing it, it’s just not easy to do it.

@Background Pony
Welp, that’s the word of an Anon against the word of a known /b/rony who’s been around since before the fandom (January 2011) all the way to a few months ago, when love and tolerance truly died on /b/. Feel free to try to convince yourself that nobody took love and tolerance seriously. Of course it was a counter-trolling measure. The way it can be used is irrelevant. To be a counter-trolling measure, it had to be genuine, and it was.
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@Background Pony
I always said that it doesn’t matter. I KNEW what it meant.
The joke was on the guys (like yourself) who wanted to call it (haha, it’s not a real phrase, wbwrw) and then saw that people did not take notice and were actually taking it seriously and acting loving.
So yeah, the laugh is on those guys. Suck it.
Background Pony #6676
As a 4channer and original bronie i can tell you, you are wrong.
First, the phrase was from another show.
Second, it was a phrase used in /b/ as a counter-troll measure.
That bronies were gullible and naive enough to think that it actually meant something besides what /b/ thought its quite sad.
Background Pony #6676
What a pity that the “love and tolerance” thing was never part of the fandom in the beginning.