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Zipp, Pipp, you have wings! USE THEM!

safe2171924 screencap295566 hitch trailblazer13851 izzy moonbow21612 misty brightdawn8555 pipp petals20931 sunny starscout21438 zipp storm16885 alicorn313598 earth pony445247 pegasus495462 pony1600055 unicorn536879 g575214 my little pony: tell your tale25429 the lone alicorn128 spoiler:g532601 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale23044 spoiler:tyts02e07127 absurd file size3377 absurd gif size472 animated125817 artificial horn676 artificial wings3035 augmented4294 big no302 cloud43136 dream3289 falling3541 female1800014 gif48644 horn189257 magic96484 magic horn601 magic wings1489 male549891 mane five4208 mane six (g5)997 mare739320 my little pony logo6224 race swap21600 rebirth misty3852 screaming4875 stallion195262 sunnycorn1872 wings222314 youtube link12757


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Well, remember that this is Sunny’s dream. Dreams never have to be logical. She may be having flashbacks to when pegasi couldn’t fly, or to the first episode of Make Your Mark.
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Oh no, Starswirl the Bearded banished them to the human world! It’s the start of Equestria Girls G5!