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suggestive (112799)alternate version (23727)artist:bakki (577)sunset shimmer (50502)twilight sparkle (259645)equestria girls (159190)equestria girls (movie) (5984)armpits (35418)beckoning (401)blushing (153421)bra (12283)breasts (202737)clothes (354585)cutie mark (33806)female (756991)imminent sex (4148)indoors (1473)inviting (399)lesbian (81636)long hair (2790)open mouth (103822)scene interpretation (6895)shipping (164018)sunsetsparkle (3974)tongue out (75557)underwear (49529)


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Background Pony #178C
Sunset warned Twilight to stay out of her way but she refused to listen and continued to thwart her.

Now she tries a different approach and will teach her annoying yet intriguing rival a lesson she will never forget.
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Background Pony #2BA1
Sunset:"Let me free you tath unconfortable clothe*SNAP!!!*Voilà!"
Twilight:"Hey, wath are you doing???"
Me:"Eureka for Sunset Shimmer!!!"
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