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safe2207845 artist:sunibee526 applejack203240 pinkie pie259560 twilight sparkle362624 earth pony519454 pony1638207 unicorn554662 g42062949 alternate hairstyle38900 applejack's hat15200 applejacked1728 blushing281418 bucktooth923 butt237915 chest fluff67989 colored25708 cowboy hat26733 ear blush1824 fat29443 female1841227 flustered797 grass15972 hair over eyes1887 hat127537 horn209685 huge butt17186 large butt35121 larger female1982 lipstick17252 looking at each other35840 looking at someone17872 looking down15211 looking up24752 mare765385 muscles19721 muscular female4691 nerd1274 outdoors23428 physique difference1024 pinpoint eyes1623 plot148543 pudgy pie2035 rainbow6947 raised hoof72252 size difference22469 skinny3262 smaller female870 smiling410035 sun9537 sweat41886 sweatdrop7070 tail109572 thin13037 trio28073 trio female6216 unicorn twilight35233 unshorn fetlocks49200


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Background Pony #31A8
the snu snu will be legendary (and deadly)
edit: also I can’t tell if there’s some horrid compression going on by twitter, if its the shading, or if the shading is making the compression really kick in. or it might just be my eyes.
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Giga Applejack: Pinkie Pie! This here town, an Twilight Sparkle, ain’t big enough fer the two of us, sugarcube. Honestly! Ah mean, jus look at us, Pinkie. We are heccin huge!