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Background Pony #789B
I think it first started when concept art was leaked onto Equestria Daily. The designs weren’t final, but there was a lot of revulsion towards them. (Also people thought that it was season 4, when it was actually a spin off movie). And then there was Spike as a dog which ended up rustling Spike fans. And then there was the crappy box art (the ones with ears horns and lipstick).
Now that the plot synopsis and the trailer is out, there has been a much more positive reaction, especially from the artistic community. Either that or the haters decided to up and give up. Just treat this like when you watched the show for the first time.
Background Pony #789B
OK, seriously, why the hell are you people arguing about how people are meant to look?
If anything, that just proves you are just as short minded and hateful as those you accuse of being such.
This is a parallel universe where the entirety of Equestria is compressed into a high school. The reason why everyone has pony colours is to prevent confusion between the characters. Besides, Equestria Girls is a spin off of the main show, which (as far as we know) is still in production and may not reference the film at all.
Entertainment isn’t made to give you what people want. It is there to entertain. Otherwise it just ends up getting stale. If your just going to sit there whining like a spoilt brat just because you don’t know any better, than what business do you have telling other people what to think?
Background Pony #5F44
>implying that she isn’t always black or asian or some combination of the two in most of the fanart  
>implying that only white girls can be “anorexic” when it’s an issue that affects us all  
>implying that the poster who called her “anorexic” isn’t just an insecure fatass  
>implying “purple” isn’t a valid compromise
Background Pony #0EDB
So is Dee Dee from Dexter’s lab, her entire torso is practically her neck attached to long skinny limbs.
And don’t get me started on the Simpsons and their boobs for eyes and no chin.
Background Pony #28CE
Is the target audience for EQG teenaged girls
or teenaged boys?
Those skirts are p short.