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A Great Study of Alicorn Magic (Part 3)
? - All right, you’re ready! I’ll let you relax for the rest of the day, and tomorrow we’ll start.

Sorry for the long absence, it’s been hard to get back on track after the new year
I’m practicing drawing backgrounds in this picture

In retrospect, I realized that I probably shouldn’t have posted this third option/part, it’s not much different from the second one… But what’s done is done lol

suggestive193329 alternate version89387 artist:seltiox40 princess luna118741 alicorn322110 anthro368084 plantigrade anthro53126 g42063512 bdsm11228 belts312 bit gag1482 bodysuit3842 bondage47426 bondage mask187 bound2587 bound and gagged2450 bound wings4943 breasts400432 captured635 caught4479 clothes649616 collar49227 damsel in distress661 digital art30509 encasement2514 female1842038 fetish58601 gag20375 helpless841 hood2132 horn210054 horn ring7885 jewelry117628 kidnapped1381 latex19469 latex suit7051 lock813 long term78 lying down49985 magic suppression5128 mare765869 mask10406 mummification538 mummified230 mummyjacket43 peril1264 prisoner1188 restrained2331 ring7156 rubber3366 sensory deprivation571 shiny4277 skintight104 solo1454258 solo female239603 straitjacket1098 straps1137 tied793 tied up8948 wing sleeves384 wings232952 wrapped up809


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