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safe2175759 derpibooru exclusive40483 big macintosh33621 dj pon-333276 doctor whooves11795 fluttershy258802 rarity217666 spitfire15713 time turner11795 vinyl scratch33276 butterfly9783 earth pony446872 pegasus497090 pony1604023 rabbit8967 unicorn538593 comic:applejack and the fun apple farm28 g42030486 20151230 animal8209 basket4455 bongkoch kids39 curtains4027 female1804291 heart76601 knitting needles59 looking at you259607 looking down14723 magazine1402 magazine scan186 male551309 mare742023 music notes4713 open mouth237838 open smile31375 pink wings115 polka dot background221 polka dots251 rainbow6733 rearing7643 smiling397860 spread wings94668 stallion195887 standing on two hooves1680 talking10811 thai138 thailand238 window14031 wings223338 yarn587 yarn ball426


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Background Pony #DB33
  1. ค (best management decision)
    [Rares got challenged by time and customers amounts]
    ก -> business killer
    ข -> too much of pre S1 AJ
    ง -> reputation killer
  2. ข (being true to kindness element)
    [One of the animal students being the bored kid]
    ก -> fate worse than death punishment
    ค -> teacher just rage quits
    ง -> even worse fate and now for everyone