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the last masterpiece b4 2023 ends~
It’s Manesix version 3 fanart!
Support me only $3/month
to get high-quality/exclusive artwork, and other rewards!
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safe2212101 artist:rivin177239 applejack203540 fluttershy262831 pinkie pie259946 rainbow dash284406 rarity220732 twilight sparkle363192 alicorn323028 earth pony521191 pegasus513839 pony1642230 unicorn556568 g42066738 cloud44650 eyebrows26678 eyebrows visible through hair13141 gradient background27542 hat127954 hooves27344 horn212048 looking at you268654 mane six38025 rainbow6964 rainbow road59 raised hoof72615 sitting95599 sky24247 smiling411816 spread wings99265 teeth23302 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151663 wings234136


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