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Wanna hug your princess?

safe2155296 artist:mercurysparkle70 twilight sparkle354841 alicorn310291 pony1583236 g42008123 belly42480 cheek fluff9218 clothes625998 cute263271 eye clipping through hair13868 female1782064 fluffy19277 high res406261 hug37200 hug request533 leg fluff4806 looking at you254777 mare728808 mouth hold23514 paper4587 round belly409 simple background585968 sitting90802 smiling390278 socks94048 solo1410423 spread wings92083 striped socks27964 twiabetes15188 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148097 white background157743 wings217310


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Background Pony #6F2E
You think that’s bad? The internet has ruined me so much, from the thumbnail, I thought the thing in her mouth was a condom packet.