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“I want a hug too!”

safe2120004 artist:mrricharz8 derpibooru exclusive38849 hitch trailblazer12548 izzy moonbow19642 misty brightdawn6691 opaline arcana2812 pipp petals18955 sunny starscout19089 zipp storm15119 alicorn303143 earth pony424176 pegasus472621 pony1548944 unicorn513357 g566737 adorapipp2907 adorazipp1031 best friends867 blushing261962 bracelet14851 colored wings12960 confused6435 cute257502 diadem450 digital art28459 eyebrows21759 eyes closed133857 eyeshadow27787 female1746313 folded wings17748 frown34209 gradient background22520 group7172 hitchbetes551 hug36376 izzybetes2371 jewelry107276 looking at each other32313 looking at someone13393 makeup37584 male530099 mane five3757 mane six (g5)642 mane stripe sunny6597 mare708074 mistybetes810 multicolored wings5066 one wing out665 regalia34850 royal sisters (g5)2508 septet103 siblings19993 sisters16746 smiling377645 stallion184556 sunnybetes1536 wings208829


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Background Pony #B284
Opaline, I order you huge Misty and give her a kiss like a good mother, right the fuck now.