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Draconequues Lover zcord
This isn’t a criticism or nothing but just an observation. Has his tongue always been bluish green and I just never noticed?
Background Pony #54EE
Not completely. You don’t have to know G4 to understand G5. The latest generation has lore that can be easily separated from G4 without any problems, YES there are a lot of references to G4 but they are more like references towards bronies.
Replacing characters like Twilight Sparkle with a completely new character will change literally nothing.
G4 things in G5 are in my opinion just references, easter eggs or just inside jokes that only Bronies will understand…
Expecting some more literal connection between these generations is… unnecessary?
Just like G1 is supposedly canonical in G4 and as we all know, many things are wrong and many things have been changed. But does this work against enjoying such connections? Nah…

I get it people dont like G5 looks like do people think G4 was the only real version of ponies, even though there were many generations like G1 or 2 or 3 that had different pony looks lt felt like they change ever gen so yeah
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Why do I even come here?
NGL, I don’t care for some of G5’s new Designs for some of the characters/species.
Like I’m not saying they’re horrible, but I definitely prefer how they looked last gen
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Dragons in G5 just look goofy. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was from Dragon Tales or something.
Also, why is Spike so small? Adult dragons in G4 were huge.
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@Miss Shy
‘‘gay or bisexual young man with a slim build and youthful appearance’’
Good for Spike and for new generation of viewers, they deserve the best. _
Background Pony #1E45
He’s such a cutie now! Just like he was as a baby and teen. That’s my personal opinion of course.
Happy to see him, he was so relatable to me when he was a kid ;_; comfort character in some way. And I’m incredibly proud of his success. Yeah, he’s definitely not abused now or anything (I’d argue the time when Rarity used him was it… even though he admired her, still).
And of course I did not expect more G4 references due to the Dsicovery Family rights talk lol. And this is my cup of tea kind of a referen- appearance I mean. Loooooooooove~ Thanks a ton for uploading!