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Uhh… Yeah, I don't know if I'm comfortable with this. If I were a pony, I would be human right now, but, you're not gonna see me eating like an animal. No.
Background Pony #B1B8
Who serves an apple next to a fruit salad with apples in it? Also, who forgets to take out the seeds when making the fruit salad?!
Background Pony #1C5A
As someone who watched a lot of Doug as a kid the skin colors really don't bug me one bit.
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☀Welcome Princess Celest
@Tim Timsen
Youed thik that people wouldn't complain out ace but u ld be wrong.
Its for the tter. Who know hat nd of sit ld have wet down f twilight was black? I wish people didn't care aout race.
Sorry about e sing my myne is fued.
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I honestly believe they went with their pony colors so there would be no kvetching about race.
"But Twilight is supposed to be Asian/Black/Indian!"
Background Pony #5FE1
Burger seems to be made of some kind of green shit, so maybe is a vegan menu (or maybe they just fucked up, most likely).

Also, the skin colors… Ggggh, FS seems to have some kind of liver disease…