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omfg drawing this angle is so hard ughhhh

safe2198415 artist:pinkberry251 apple bloom60579 earth pony515076 pony1628862 g42054305 adorabloom3941 cute269255 excited4293 female1830014 filly99249 foal46319 implied human235 looking at you264949 open mouth242823 open smile33412 sitting94361 smiling406112 smiling at you27035 starry eyes5989 talking11111 wingding eyes41717


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Nah, you cannot keep me. I am too much responsibility. I get up on the furniture, I eat the peanut butter right out of the jar, I leave the toilet seat down, I lick the butter…
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Having a human is a big responsibility. You have to feed it and walk it and stop it following retarded “challenges”