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safe2199600 artist:flvski17 applejack202589 rainbow dash283122 earth pony515603 pegasus508297 pony1630124 g42055746 absurd resolution67911 applejack is not amused1095 applejack's hat15046 backwards cutie mark4603 bed59153 belly46103 butt236212 cellphone8193 cowboy hat26525 crossed hooves2958 cute269448 dashabetes12503 duo179484 duo female33992 eyebrows25950 eyes closed141350 female1831400 folded wings21037 freckles45267 hat126636 hug38199 indoors8845 jackabetes8055 lamp3961 lesbian119154 mare759597 on bed8632 phone12696 pillow26025 plot147404 scrunchy face8297 ship:appledash7972 shipping257762 sitting94450 sleeping29735 smartphone5481 tail107268 tail hug321 unamused24424 underhoof70143 wings230143


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Background Pony #763C
Dash is vulnerable to one hell of a wake-up wedgie.
How tempted is Applejack to just bolt out at full speed?