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“Pizza Order”
Some mares exist to make others’ lives miserable. Kudos to Starlight for putting up with it.

safe2115296 artist:chopsticks726 starlight glimmer58501 trixie78038 pony1475981 unicorn511284 g41381980 blushing261275 cash register299 cheek fluff8855 chest fluff61641 comic132151 concave belly2463 dialogue88795 duo155740 duo female27460 embarrassed grin56 female1736950 floppy ears70150 food97039 herbivore2650 inconvenient trixie379 indoors7001 karen63 looking at you245671 magic93617 mare701372 offscreen character49442 pineapple585 pineapple pizza107 pizza2674 pizza box497 pov19023 talking to viewer5431 telekinesis37761 text85292 that pony sure does love pineapple pizza34 tip jar204 wide smile151


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Background Pony #35EA
I can see the pineapple there, that’s a decent amount. What does she want, to coat the entire surface with nothing but pineapple chunks and slices? Why not just cut out the middleman and just go to the store, buy a couple of pineapples, and just gorge yourself on the flesh? I mean, it’d probably erode your esophagus but hey, go nuts.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Manager: That is the extra pineapple serving. The regular pinapple only gets the teaspoon applied. This is the tablespoon portion.
Background Pony #547D
“Yeah! And throw in some garlic hey-sticks for wasting our precious time!” 😈
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Okay, but you’ll have to pay extra for all four pizzas, plus service fee. Starlight doesn’t need to pay at all though. I made hers wrong after all.