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Uploaded by Background Pony #FF1D
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Pinkie Pie as Pingu
Sweetie Belle as Pinga
Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock as Pingu’s Mother and Father
Granny Smith as Pingu’s Grandfather
Derpy as Robby The Seal
Rainbow Dash as Pingo
Twilight Sparkle as Pongi
Applejack as Pingg
Rarity as Pingi
Discord as Bajoo
Ursa Minor as The Walrus
Lyra Heartstrings as Pingj

safe2115294 artist:margotthemlpfan57316 edit167651 applejack196000 cloudy quartz1697 derpy hooves56269 discord36594 granny smith6009 igneous rock pie1061 lyra heartstrings33462 pinkie pie249762 rainbow dash272601 rarity212721 sweetie belle55682 twilight sparkle349503 bear2127 draconequus19300 earth pony421728 pegasus470088 pony1475980 unicorn511284 ursa519 ursa minor667 g41381979 applejack's hat13553 background pony12055 bajoo1 cast meme57 cowboy hat24429 female1736950 filly93644 foal40081 hat119244 male528330 mare701372 pinga1 pingg1 pingi1 pingj1 pingo1 pingu34 pingu (character)15 pingu's father1 pingu's grandfather1 pingu's mother1 pongi1 robby the seal2 stallion183452 the walrus1 unicorn twilight31207


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Background Pony #6DDC
Pingu as ponies
Pingu - Pinkie Pie
Pinga - Sweetie Belle
Pingu’s Mother and Father - Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock Pie
Pingu’s Grandfather - Granny Smith
Robby The Seal - Derpy
Pingo - Rainbow Dash
Pongi - Twilight Sparkle
Pingg - Applejack
Pingi - Rarity
Bajoo - Discord
The Walrus - Ursa Minor
Pingj - Lyra Heartstrings