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From an old newspaper article in the 1920’s

safe2118811 applejack196199 fluttershy252089 pinkie pie250061 rainbow dash272909 rarity212946 twilight sparkle349906 oc917309 oc:anon13660 earth pony423600 human234411 pegasus471760 pony1479898 unicorn512861 g41930932 apple20591 apple tree4124 book42171 bucking1113 comic132255 couch11922 cup8661 food97316 mane six36827 monochrome171684 party cannon2029 spread wings88532 taxes121 tea3632 teacup3894 tree46083 unicorn twilight31406 wings208438


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Background Pony #7D51
I can help but feel like this is a flanderization of their personalities at the same time it feels correct.