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Which is the more incompetent-I mean, competent? Or at least maybe provides the better service?

safe2114991 edit167622 edited screencap86912 screencap286400 jade barricade17 silver sable94 thunder flap706 zoom zephyrwing703 pegasus469908 pony1475625 unicorn511105 g565463 my little pony: a new generation14520 the ending of the end3662 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6272 armor30135 charge165 cropped59822 female1736687 galloping520 guardsmare2088 helmet15267 hoof shoes9032 male528246 mare701186 one of these things is not like the others500 open mouth224614 pegasus royal guard1127 royal guard10583 royal guard armor1235 scared13790 stallion183404 text85275 unicorn royal guard301 unnamed character4699 unnamed pony2855 would you rather30


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Background Pony #76F2
ZH. Maybe less for protection and more that they look fun to mess with. Four legged chickens in fluffy helmets

Before or after magic returned in G5?
If before Canterlot because they’d at least have magic to be useful outside of their incompetence in combat. We haven’t seen how ZH guards fare with magics return to compare.
Background Pony #CD75
It’s the Imperial Stormtroopers versus Starfleet Security Officers (redshirts) fight all over again.
Background Pony #7AB6
The problem here is they are essentially monoracial. The Canterlot guards are all unicorns, and while that suggests an advantage, we have no idea of their magic abilities, which could range from Sweetie Belle to Starlight. The ZHG are all Pegasi, which paired with modern weapons would make them deadly attack helicopters. IF there were any weapons beyond glue guns.
As for ‘service’the ZHG make great waiters. Just keep them away from the decor.
For protection, give me a handheld Flurry Heart and stay out of the way.