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Hello friends how are you.
Since my previous drawing about Alphabittle and Misty was very well received, I have decided to continue with this sequence between these 2 characters.
Based on the argument of the previous drawing, it can be seen that Misty is still a little baby, because she never learned to leave her diaper, or things like that.
Now we can see that Alphabittle will have to take care of her from scratch, and will even have to teach her to leave the diaper and use potty training.
Of course, Misty is quite scared and will have to learn to make that transition little by little.
Personally, I think alphabittle was a bit poorly done.
I hope you like it friends.
Next, I will leave the translation of the dialogue of this drawing.
MISTY BRIGHTDAWN: Daddy, I’m not sure I should do this, it’s not the same as my diaper, I don’t like it.
ALPHABITTLE BLOSSOMFORTH: Don’t worry princess, don’t be afraid, nothing happens, just let him out, plus you can still continue wearing a diaper from time to time even though it will be part of the training.

suggestive185158 artist:bitter sweetness104 alphabittle blossomforth1411 misty brightdawn6485 pony1475410 unicorn511038 g565417 abdl1214 adult foal2048 bathroom3235 diaper16420 father and child2356 father and daughter3732 female1736478 graph paper1580 male528159 non-baby in diaper12045 open mouth224576 open smile26076 pissing5137 potty212 potty training72 rebirth misty2307 smiling375629 spanish text378 speech bubble36694 traditional art139557 training potty84


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bitter sweetness

bitter sweetness
Answering your questions regarding the dialogues about this drawing.
I inform you that I am from Mexico and all my content will be in Spanish.
That’s why I always put the translation of the dialogues in the description of the drawings, but it seems that no one reads it.
Iko ra

Me agrada que sigas probando diferentes poses , sigue practicando nwn 💖🍪💖🍪🍪💖
Solo espero no se asusté tanto que tenga una regression a potrilla más pequeña , aún así quiero ver qué más haces nwn 💖🍪💖🍪
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I used a translator and basically Misty is saying that she doesn’t like this because it isn’t like her diaper and I’m not entirely sure what Alphabittle is saying but part of it is telling Misty that she’ll be using pull-ups from now on.