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I might be a bit dense. I made the image, posted it on Twitter for today, and then forgot to post it here… Woops!

suggestive185240 artist:silkworm205383 daring do7094 pinkie pie249806 sunset shimmer77192 oc915618 oc:milky way2312 earth pony421988 pegasus470374 unicorn511504 anthro345450 3d117050 anthro oc36164 anthro with ponies3439 belly40994 belly button105423 big breasts119826 bikini24611 bikini bottom1944 bikini top2927 blue bikini161 blue swimsuit465 breast pillow150 breasts375657 busty sunset shimmer7804 butt218641 clothes610674 colored eyebrows981 duo155866 duo female27481 duo focus2213 earth pony oc24317 eyes closed133467 female1737350 fluffy mane495 fluffy tail458 gesture182 horn139277 interspecies30169 lesbian114772 looking at you245778 mare701658 peace sign4545 photobomb237 pinkie loves bacon bits52 revamped anthros1469 revamped ponies751 ship:sunsetpie350 shipping245687 source filmmaker65852 sunglasses20396 sunset shimmer day264 swimsuit37788 tail88492 unicorn horn607 unshorn fetlocks43099


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Background Pony #C5BD
I think pinkie pie likes sunset’s heartbeat just by looking at the way pinkie pie’s head is placed.