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@Background Pony #F7E6
Hey you guys I’m thankful that we had Sunset reformed because if not then I wouldn’t have been interested in her because she is my favorite reformed character in MLP so I think it would have been bad if Equestria Girls didn’t continue after the first one and if Rainbow Rocks didn’t have her change for the better than my favorite character would have been just forgettable but she’s not. She warmed up (no pun intended) and I have a crush on her so having Sunset as just a villain pretty much ruins it. I’m glad she changed and good Sunset is my jam!
Background Pony #F7E6
@Background Pony #0D41
Evil Sunset is the only thing that raises Baconhair beyond a BP with unusual mane. If not for her Twilight would never have gone through the portal, Equestrian Girls would not have happened and feet pics would not be a thing.
You decide if that’s a good thing.