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dead source23327 suggestive143184 artist:lentoto73 applejack170048 rainbow dash234109 earth pony249324 pegasus292368 pony969057 appledash6210 applesub318 barn3174 bondage33744 collar33180 dashdom197 female1364518 femdom8142 femsub10770 leash7742 lesbian97081 mare481374 mouth hold17507 on back24405 paint tool sai1097 pet play3678 shipping200420 submissive16683


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Background Pony #D361
Hey um, I saved some comments that was on this picture back at Ponibooru because I thought they were very funny. I hope no one minds if I post them here…:

Person 1: “Don't give me away! I'm hiding in the hay pile.”
Person 2: “Dude, this is my hay pile. Get your own hiding spot.”
Person 3: “You guys both have bad hiding spots, I've hooked myself up to the rafters near the ceiling. Much better since it's pitch black up there. No risk of being spotted.”
Person 4: Lowers down camera, with a direct feed to goggles, attached to a fishing rod from the roof into the barn “Amateurs with their hiding spots.”