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Hitch Trailblazer: Ever since his run-in with Opaline, he’s been so tired. I didn’t wanna drag him all the way to Zephyr Heights, but I miss him.
Izzy Moonbow: Well, at least he’s resting with Grandma Figgy.
Deputy Mare: AND I delegated my cousin and grandpa to stand vigilant guard for our highly important creature of interest (HICI)!
Parole Officer Mare: Thanks for the assist, Grandmare Figgy. I could never figure out that crazy mare’s instruction video! I mean, who lets their pet run around in their house ruining their possessions, let alone an exotic specimen that can burn your entire house down??!
Figgy’s Elderly Neighbour: Well, n’ver in my life I would see a sleepin’ beautie as a fire-burpin’ dragon!
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