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February 15, 2015 at 12:35:58 PM UTC
You’re sweet. <3
I’m afraid I didn’t even leave work until well after midnight tonight, but I figured better late than never! Happy Hearts and Hooves Day. <3

safe2117745 artist:whitediamonds495 applejack196159 rarity212899 earth pony423094 pony1478919 unicorn512480 rarijack daily237 g41926655 applejack's hat13612 blushing261644 cowboy hat24523 cute257137 duo156439 duo female27562 eyebrows21578 eyebrows visible through hair10180 eyes closed133624 female1739377 floating heart5691 floppy ears70322 flower37472 freckles41548 hat119544 heart71879 holiday32161 horn139707 jackabetes7767 lesbian114740 mare703026 mouth hold23010 nuzzling4936 raised hoof66606 raribetes6875 rose5083 ship:rarijack8103 shipping245922 signature41475 sitting88345 smiling376716 valentine's day4776 wide eyes19579


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Background Pony #740A
You’re the apple in my eye, darling.
Another gem, cute & adorable image from you, White Diamonds.